Social object for encouraging students to study history

In Korea, a substantial of students are not interested in history. It has been a controversial issue. For the reason, the government introduced an institution that people have to take a history examination so as to enter university and company. There is a minimum score so they have to pass that examination. However, It makes the situation worse and makes it harder to solve the fundamental problems because most students tend to study history, memorizing it, after that they tend to forget a significant of knowledges. It is really serious problems. As the famous historian E.H.Carr drew our attention to the fact that history repeats itself, we need not stress the reason people study history; the past tells a lot about the future and enables us to avoid repeating past mistakes.

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Above all, Korea has gone through hardship, including the Japanese colonial period, the Korean war. For the reason, many ancestors had been sacrificed to protect Korea. Therefore, we need to know and remind the history and them. Recently, 01/03/2015 was the Korean independence movement date. I watched the movie related to that day. The story is about comfort women (Actually, we didn’t call ‘comfort women’, instead call ‘sex slavery’). It was frightening for me. There had been more than 40,000 numbers, and just 285 of comfort women returned to Korea. The problem is just 50 has survived now. It means that if all of them die, we will forget this history without any concerns. That’s why it is really a controversial issue and we have to study history to not forget the history and ancestral sacrifices.


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