ping pong pool party by Fubiz studio


I found the new interesting studio. They tend to work project by using projection mapping.

This is one of the interesting project using the projection mapping.

I think that water can be applied to projection mapping, but they found the smart way by using the small ball.

Here is the process how they have thought the way for projection on the surface of the pool.

‘Pools are not exactly the most projection ready surface, and initial brainstorms produced many more challenges than we had anticipated. In researching a solution, we had to overcome the fact that projection doesn’t work on the surface of water, it becomes distorted if you project through it, and pool parties are notorious for more standing than swimming. To make something truly interactive, we needed to get everyone in that pool!

We reacted as any any normal person would, and promptly put in and order for 65,000 ping pong balls, enough to cover the entire surface of the pool. To go with our new screen, we created an application which mapped to the pool and displayed a floating river of graphics, pulled by an invisible tide. Audio reactive visuals bumped along with the various dj’s and musical acts taking place poolside. The tactile quality of swimming through ping pong balls, combined with animated colors and light created an interactive event worth telling stories about.’


Pool Party from Red Paper Heart on Vimeo.