Leave a Trace_V&A Museum project_Final work

It is widely accepted that a significant number of people who have got stuck in a rut tend to miss their normal life on the street waiting for the bus and commuting. A significant portion of their lifetime they have spent can be the meaningless time. This project would provide people with more memorable memory by remaining the moment through a unique experience. It may be connected with user-centered design, because they can have a good memory and experience by taking part in this project. That is to say, it makes people’s boring routine into a special day by providing many opportunities for people who have been bored of their daily routine and wanted to get away from the normal life. Above all, human centered design is a design philosophy. It means starting with a good understanding of people and the needs that the design is intended to meet. Also, people who participated in this project can interact with the device and their neighbors by sharing individual photos and videos on social media. I think the project suggest a new way for conversation among people as it stimulate their conversation psychology. For instance, when they passed the white wall installed projection and the Kinect, people can create their motion as a performer. Through this project, we intend for people to have a opportunity of changing their daily routine into memorable day they can reminisce the moment after a long time.