Interview for the film

I’d like to know how does lawyers, doctors think about my film story. So, I had a interview with the student who is studying law in London Metropolitan University, So-Ee Kim, 21.

After watching my draft film, she said..

We should make a law, give Drone same duty, license, as human have. However, if there was a doctor to decide who to save, it would be a same result, save the patient who has more potential. This is the role for human why not for Drone?

That was interesting for me, I agree with her opinion. Of course, we can’t judge whether is it right that drone make a life-or-death decision or not.From people to people may have a different idea at this point. That’s why I chose the story for speculative project.

I tried to put this interview on my film, but It was not quality to put on my film.

So, I will have another interview.