Extreme interview for social object

Kang-sik, Shin, 59, 2 years (he has stayed alone in Korea)

What do you want to keep in touch with your daughter?

Um.. I want to have something I can share my feeling only with my daughter. I know that they can feel uncomfortable, but I just want to get back the past when my daughter was a child and they were not unfamiliar with the physical contact.

How often you want to communicate with them?

I do not want to disturb their study. Even though now we have many way to contact, time difference makes it impossible for us to contact frequently, that is why I just want to communicate with them whenever they have a time um.. Weekend?

Is it fine to contact with your daughter just during the weekend?

To be honest, no, I need to communicate with them as soon as frequently. Almost every day. I want to listen their daily life and voice.

Have you expressed your feeling like loneliness to your daughter?

I have never expressed my feeling to them. I am not familiar with exposing my feeing to my family. Above all, I do not want them to be worried.

Do you mind to share something with your children on mother?

Um.. I want to have something with my daughter, but it is not on mother. I also want to share something with my wife. That is why I think that something is about doing together with my children as well as my wife.