App. for cooking together (Lunchbox)

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With the results from the research, it was decided that a social object made with

Arduino would be most appropriate for goose fathers. As previously mentioned, psychologists

have said that cooking is a good way to improve the relationship between goose fathers and

adolescents, whereupon an application for a recipe diary was developed. With this application,

teenagers studying abroad can share recipes with their father back home, by uploading

their recipe. As they share their recipe, when they have time (such as during weekends for example,

or, given the time difference, one of the day’s set meal time.), they can cook together

with this application. While they cook, the application would check their cooking progress with

uploaded photos. For example, after father cook in first stage, they should upload a photo to

progress the next stage. After the child checks the uploaded photo, the next step would be

provided to the goose father. This can also be done in reverse, with the father checking on the

child’s cooking. Once the dish is completed, the food is placed in a special lunchbox.

It is known as the ‘Lunchbox project’, which helps goose fathers improve the relationship

with their children. The lunch box has a unique function to deliver eating pattern to its

counterpart lunchbox. To illustrate this, the lights inside dishes of goose father is turned on in

the order teenager eats, which means that they can feel they are eating together each other.