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year one

naryshin_year one

Garry Fabion Miller’s Year one

It has been placed on permanent display in the paint room of that museum.

A series of 12 unique camera less-dye destruction prints. Year one is a record of the artists’ working year structured around the 12 months of the celtic calendar (moon calendar). These works use new painting process to restore the balance of solid and liquid colour that defined those first experiments in Cibachrome of thirsty year ago.

Garry Fabian Miller   English / Born in Bristol / photographic artist

Specialising camera-less photographs

**Camera-less means it can be made by directly manipulating the surface of photographic paper, often with vanishes or oils and photographic chemicals. They are produced in full light and rely on the maker’s skill in harnessing chance for creating effect, so documented experiments are often an important part.