Social object_Rock Scissor Paper_Second critic

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White light means waiting for the opponents to press the button.

Blue light means a tie.

Red light means a loss.

Green light means a win.

Title: Rock Scissor Paper for status


There is a very popular game of rock scissor paper to climb stairs. I applied this game to my project because game helps students who are not interested in history to have fun. Students can have a wearable bracelet, which is to play rock-scissor-paper game. And then, they will start touring. In terms of Korean palace in Seoul, it has lots of stairs, which are a symbol of power. In that place, they play rock-scissor-paper game so as to climb the stair with their friends and strangers. Winner can go up one stair whenever they win, looser cannot go upstairs. The person who first reaches the finish stair is the final winner, and they can decide their status whatever they want to be? King? Queen? After that they will get the Audio for the tour. The audio will provide them with the voice of people who they decide to be. In details, each person gets the status to fulfill their mission, and they start touring by hearing the audio, in the first place, they can listen historical stories that are related to their status and meet other players who have status associated with the historical story. They can play rock-scissor-paper game. The winner can save score. (One win can save 10 scores) As they pass through the place they can play rock-scissor-paper game with other players who have the status related to the story at that place. According to the score, their status can be changed. In the final stage, players can get discounts as much as they get the score.


naryshin_rock scissor paper

After critic and tutorial, Nicolas, Eva and Kalypso said it can be quite complicated to understand for people who doesn’t know the Korean history at all so I need to simplify it. Also, in terms of game, simple rules make it possible for people to enjoy it, and rock-scissor-paper game is simple so I’d better use that kind of the advantage. I will organise the rule again and make it more simple.

One of my friends is studying about museum and gallery education in IOE (UCL). So, I got some advice on my work. She said that “even though it is made that any museums can use it, but for Korean it can be so easy. I think you make it more complicated and interesting.” Also, she suggest I have to make a specific Theme, such as Korean clothes, Kings’ story, Korean foods etc. I’m really confused some of my classmates said it is really complicated, and some of Koreans said it is so easy.. I think I have to decide for where I will make this, who is the target for my project…

Also, I changed the name of the game to Rock-Scissor-History, and I will make a board game to simplify the game rule by using piezo sensor.