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I tried to make a wearable bracelet to encourage the public to have  an interest in history. These days many people in Korea tend to be not interested in history. So, I think that they need to know the history of Korea for 70’s independence day of Korea.

I think the most important thing to encourage students to study history is that they have to get interested in history.  Even though there are many museums and historical place in near Seoul, we tend to not go there including me. If I can connect the game to the study of history, they can be more interested in history.

In detail, in terms of Korean ancient building, stair is the symbol of power. So, there are many stairs and I will tap into this. To make them more interested, Rock-Scissor-Paper game will be applied to this project because it is known throughout the world.

For example, after looking around ancient buildings and museums (It means the visitors get the knowledges of history.), in order to go down the stairs, they need to take part in rock scissor paper game. At that time, they can get some pop-quiz. If they get the right answer, they can go down and get a score as many as they go down the number of stairs. At the end of the game, they can get back the ticket price as much as getting score or donate money.

Improvement point

How can I connect my project to physical computing…? Ticket? Stair??

How can people get the pop-quiz? And enjoy the game?

After Tutorial, Nicolas said I need to make detailed rules and think about how to make in physical computing.