Rock-Paper-History modified prototype


I have worked this project for around a year even if I stopped it for a while, because I was sick and tired of everything after graduation, but from today I will start to upload my idea again.

First post is about my rock-paper-history project. Actually, it is to encourage many students to have an interest in Museum and history. However, most users who have visited my blog tend to have interests in the Korean history, like the issues of sex slaves(someone called comfort women). I was surprised them to have interests for our tragic history, I want to say thank you for being so concerned.

Anyway, someday I wan to make this band for Korean students who need to study history in funny ways. This band will be connected each other with wifi, they can play rock-paper-scissor game with the bands even though they are far away form others. My plan is the band is connected with RPH(I will call this project ) application, so they can know who is the opponent player (I’m designing the application for this now). Also, they check their position with GPS, it is the same plan with the previous one. I’m still thinking to improve in UX parts. One of my friends give some advice to improve the band design , like real image of rock, paper, scissor without LED screen, but I want simpler one, to be able to focus on rock-paper-scissor game.

Could you give me some idea?

Actually, a lot of comments is uploading, so I’m trying to organising them now.