Rock-Paper-History for Things Con in Berlin

2015-05-08 10.45.20

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The project encourages people to have an interest in history by participating in the game of rock-paper-history. Everywhere it has a historical meaning like palaces, museums, galleries, they can play the game with a wearable bracelet, which has a screen to show the score and play rock-paper-scissor game.


When they arrive at a site, they will be invited to install an app on their smartphone. And then, they will get a question of history to answer through the app. The mission is to answer the right question. At the starting point, they will play rock-paper-scissor game with a bracelet, which has a screen and three buttons (rock-paper-scissor buttons), as they press one of the three buttons on a bracelet.


The winner goes one step forward, and the looser stops. Next, the player who reaches at the specific point gets a hint for question through smart phone. (It is traced by the GPS system in a bracelet, during the touring, player can check their location and destination. ) The hint is a short movie and animation. If player answer the right question, they can get 10 scores.


As players tour the museums and historical places, they can participate in the game of rock-paper-history, and then they can save a score, which can be exchanged for the voucher. They can tap into the voucher get a discount ticket or donate money for history.


TAGS: History, Museum game, smartphone app, low-tech / high tech, Rock-Paper-Scissor game