LEAVE A TRACE_first main project {V&A museum}

Prototype_nary and joy first main project

we are inspired by Year one from Garry fabian miller.

This is photograph which is in V&A museum

it is based on camera less technique which is unique ways using light and chemical thing in the dark room.

he has tried to make artwork with light and record a year like moon calendar. We are interested in that kinds of ways and subject.

That’s why we chose some keyword ‘TIME”SHADOW’.

Time come from way how to record a year, and shadow come from light.

we decided to define time = pattern, shadow = shape.

So, every 7 sec. this pattern is changed and every 30 sec. this shape is changed.

The reason why we set the time 7, 30 sec. is that 7 second means first impression, in that, when people meet strangers first they tend to make first impression in 7seconds. In terms of 30 seconds, people can remember stranger’s face when they look at them for 30 seconds.

Finally, what we want to say through this project is that people tend to miss their normal life on the street and waiting for bus.. like this. But we thought as long as they can leave a memory they can change their normal life to special life by leaving this moment and reminding that moment. That’s why we decided to leave a trace with their shadow. It will help them to leave a special moment.


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