Korean TV Show for the relationship between fathers and children

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As goose fathers regard that keeping touch with their child is essential to improve the relationship, in reality, the importance of the relationship has been emphasized in Korea, whereupon many TV programmes are emerging. To illustrate this, ‘Entrust Father’ 2015, ‘Superman is back’ 2014, are a representative TV programme for fathers (see Appendix 4 for the captured images of TV programme). Unlike the previous programmes that emphasized the role of mothers, these programmes have focused on the role of fathers. In terms of ‘Entrust fathers’, one of these fathers is a goose father who has two children studying abroad in the USA. His daughter and son went abroad when they are an adolescent, he was estranged from their children. He wants to recover the relationship. In reality, at first the relationship between him and his daughter was seen as troubled relations. As time goes by, their daughter opened her mind to her father by spending a lot of time together during the vacation. Through the TV programmed, it is proven that the importance of sharing feeling is vital for them to maintain a close relationship. He has tried to do many activities, such as cooking, going trip, dating, teaching how to drive and so on.