Felice Varini

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Felice Varini’s Square with four circles, downtown New Haven

Site Projects Inc is pleased to announce our 2010 public art commission by renowned Swiss artist Felice Varini. A 110 ft tall, multi-dimensional painting,Square with four circles, was installed in Temple Plaza. This is Varini’s first outdoor public artwork in the United States.

Work on the execution of the artwork took place both at nighttime and during the day. The installation was a performance piece in itself offering the public a unique opportunity to observe the artist’s process and the evolution of his artwork. Beginning May 23rd, 2010 at night and using a large format, high intensity projector, Varini projected the design into the darkened site. Once the outlines were drawn by the artist and his team, the daytime work of painting the mural began. Painting was completed in the following week and a half. The installation opened June 4th, 2010.

The exhibition of the artwork will be on view indefinitely. The site of Square with four circles includes the pedestrian passageway from Chapel Street into Temple Plaza and the exterior surfaces of the sculptural concrete exit ramp of the Crown Street garage. The site of the artwork is contiguous not only to New Haven Green but also to the Shubert Theater and Zinc restaurant.

A second Varini mural was once seen across the New Haven Green. Three black circles in air, was a temporary indoor mural at the New Haven Free Public Library, 133 Temple Street. The installation was in partnership with Site Projects and the Patrons of the New Haven Public Library.