Experiment for lunchbox project

There have been experiments to develop the Lunchbox project. First of all, one

participant has a meal alone. Next, she eats alone while she watches a video, which shows

the other participant eating. Two participants each have a meal twice, according to the above.

Finally, they are interviewed about their experience

*Sung-il, Moon, 39, 10 years (he has stayed alone in the UK)

How often do you usually have dinner or lunch alone? / How long have you had a meal alone?

I have a meal almost every day except when meeting my friends.

After I started staying in London, I have had meals alone, so I’m familiar with it.

How do you feel when you have dinner alone?

I feel comfortable with having dinner alone, as I am more familiar with this situation than having

a meal with others. However, there are times when I feel lonely, such as Christmas, New

Year’s Day.

How do you feel when you have dinner alone, watching videos of someone having a meal?

At first, it makes me uncomfortable as I consider this video without thinking while eating. However,

as time goes by, it felt like I was having a meal together with someone. So, I sometimes

followed their eating behaviors and patterns.

Do you prefer to have meals alone, with the videos or without the videos?

Um. I prefer to have a meal with the videos.

Do you mind the noise a chopstick makes whilst eating?

Um.. No, I hate the sound of chopsticks. As you know, in Korea, I was taught to eat without

making a noise. That is why it irritates me.