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Yellow Chair Stories: a Social Service Design Intervention

“Somewhere between the electronic and the physical, lies a space which is informal, transient and overwhelmingly immediate.”


‘Yellow Chair Project’ is designed for communication between people who are interested in improving their communities – whether as creators of or participants in social service design interventions. This project is intended to induce people to access the wireless Internet by sitting the yellow chair which is placed on outside of Anab Jain who created this project. She distributed blank ‘wanted’ signs to her friends and neighbors, asking them to describe what they most wanted for their neighborhood, and then she created a public folder where people could place and access files such as recipes, music and so on.

Through this project, people who tried to participate in ‘yellow chair project’ got the opportunity to stop, sit, use and enjoy the space that they share. At that time, they could experience like an interface between Anab’s house and somebody else’s house. Above all, as they got two things of they wanted – neighbors and Wifi – the project provided them with the change of way how to interact with their space, and the project created connection between a group of people who up until this point had no occasion to interact. Their experience of the place where the yellow chair was placed is improved by the project.