2018_Olympic winter games in pyeongchang

I’m proud of the success of olympic winter games in pyeongchang. Especially, many corporate in Korea showed the high technology about  ICT. Not only the government but also private enterprise (KT, SAMSUNG,HYUNDAI), etc.) started to run the place for experience related to ICT.

The new experience by ICT with difference, inspires people new ideas and thoughts.

*ICT is abbreviation for the information and communication technology.


SAMSUNG Olympic showcase_VR, so real, continue to ride in person.

SAMSUNG provides people with the place for the experience of the VR, where they can feel they become the Olympic player as they are riding ski, snowboard, skeleton and so on.

KT 5G Connected_the proposal for the future with 5G

KT is the representative authorized partner for field of communication of the Olympic Games. I think the KT is the main beneficiaries of the Olympic, because they can inform their technology they have.

In the KT 5G Connected, people can show the future of the world with 5G, and experience the VR by taking part in ice hockey, as torchbearers.

Hancom ‘GENI TALK’_AI robot dancing, translating.

There are some AI robot in pyeongchang. they can dance and translate as well as provide many information of whether, food menu, the game time.


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